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Energy Efficient Homes


Royal Homes believe in building smarter homes the value added service of which would be reduced bills. Our cooling and heating installation systems will give you a lifetime of cost-effective, environmentally friendly and socially responsible housing experience.

We will offer you energy schemes that should help reduce not just your utility bills but offer a health plan with it too in terms of reduced ailments caused by seasonal/climatic allergies that hiked up your medical costs every now and then.

Energy efficient homes will positively affect not just your sense of well-being but give you the satisfaction of being a socially, ecologically aware and responsible inhabitant. Royal Homes looks into some of these areas by suggesting :

  • Use of low voltage electrical appliances in conformity to energy saving
  • Use of energy efficient glass and types of windows and doors along with placements for better ventilation and insulation
  • House framing and Cool Roofing
  • Lighting works and fittings
  • Installation of thermostats and control systems
  • Use of Insulated water heaters
  • Installation of low-flow pipes, faucets, shower heads, etc. for water conservation.